Captions [L-R]: 2003 Honda Insight (Hybrid), Solar Arrays, Wind Turbines, Mass Transit Bus

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Description of SETT 2001 Awards...

The Sustainable Energy Top Ten Awards 2001, announced by SEI in Washington on February 6, 2002, highlighted the contribution of ten key leaders to the development of sustainable energy policies and practices in the United States. The awards, combined with SEI's interviews of these leaders, aimed to educate the American public on sustainable energy issues by helping them get to know the leading proponents for sustainable energy in this country, and to hear these leaders' messages as directly and clearly as possible. The awards also recognize these ten individuals for their achievements and encourage others to follow suit.

In granting these awards, SEI considers leadership in areas including strategies for reducing carbon and other emissions from fossil fuels; energy efficiency measures; renewable energy technologies; low-and zero-emission vehicles; next-generation nuclear energy technologies; mass transit and smart growth policies; and carbon sequestration technologies. In short, these are the leaders who were instrumental in helping maximize U.S. energy security in a manner that reduces pollution and environmental degradation.

Recipients of the SETT awards were the individuals judged by SEI's independent board of directors to be the most influential proponents of sustainable energy policy and practices in the United States. The selection criteria considered (1) dedication to innovative and progressive ideas on sustainable energy policies and practices; (2) uncommon leadership within and beyond one's own organization in advocating and implementing sustainable energy solutions; and (3) major impact on national thinking and actual practices contributing to a sustainable energy future. SEI also looked for bipartisan representation among the awardees, and a mixture of government, private sector and NGO leaders.

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