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  Natural Gas
EIA Natural Gas Outlook (July, 2004)
Author: Energy Information Agency
A brief presentation byt the EIA on naural gas prices and supply.
Published: July 2004    Availability:  ppt (1.3MB)
Natural Gas Report: Volume I - Summary of Findings and Recommendations
Author: National Petroleum Council
"This multi-volume report was prepared in response to a request from the Secretary of Energy for a new study on natural gas markets in the 21st century to update the NPC’s 1992 and 1999 reports on the subject. It provides insights on energy market dynamics, as well as advice on actions that can be taken by industry and government to ensure adequate and reliable supplies of energy for customers." (From the NPC website.) 118-pages
Published: February 2004    Availability:  pdf (3.9MB)
Natural Gas Report: Volume II - Integrated Report
Author: National Petroleum Council
366-page full report
Published: February 2004    Availability:  pdf (8.9MB)
EIA Long-Run Forecast Sees Lower Natural Gas Use And Higher Natural Gas Prices Than Previously Projected
Author: Energy Information Administration
" The Annual Energy Outlook 2004 (AEO2004), released today by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), forecasts lower natural gas demand and higher natural gas prices than last year’s long-run projections as EIA reevaluated expectations about the future role of natural gas in energy markets, the economics of natural gas exploration and development, and future natural gas price trends...." (From the article.)
Published: December 2003    Availability:  Link 
Natural Gas, Fuel Diversity, and North American Energy Markets
Author: The Energy Modeling Forum (EMF), Stanford University
This report summarizes the EMF working group’s discussions of the modeling results on North American natural gas and related energy markets. 55 pages
Published: September, 2003    Availability:  pdf 

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