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Democratic Presidential Candidates' Views on Energy Policy

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The Sustainable Energy Institute hosted a forum on the proposed energy policies of the Democratic Presidential Candidates on Nov. 21 at the Georgetown University Law Center. Representatives from each campaign were invited to present their candidates' positions. This is the first in a series of two forums, the second of which will be held in Spring 2004 featuring the presumptive Democratic nominee and a representative from the Bush campaign.

Heightened awareness of America’s dependence on foreign oil and the contentious debate on global warming, as well as the recent blackouts and ongoing debate over electricity deregulation, have brought energy issues to the forefront of election politics. There is a need for a comprehensive discussion of the national energy policies being proposed by all presidential hopefuls. This discussion came just as congressional debate over the energy bill approached its climactic moment in the Senate.

Bob Simon, Minority Staff Director, Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources

David Hayes, John Kerry for President Campaign
Tim Profeta, Joe Lieberman for President Campaign
Harvey Wasserman, Dennis Kucinich for President Campaign
Curtis Pree, Rev. Al Sharpton for President Campaign
Bill Frymoyer, Dick Gephardt for President Campaign

Democratic Candidates' Energy Plans:

The John Edwards "Environmental Plan" (URL)
Joe Lieberman's "A Real Declaration of Energy Independence" (URL)
Howard Dean's "Progressive Plan for Renewable Energy" (URL)
John Kerry's "Cleaner and Greener America" (URL)
Dennis Kucinich's Energy and Environmental Plans (URL)
Wesley Clark's "Protecting the Environment" (URL)

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