Captions [L-R]: 2003 Honda Insight (Hybrid), Solar Arrays, Wind Turbines, Mass Transit Bus

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Steve Fetter

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Steve Fetter is the Dean of the the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park. A physicist by training, his research interests include arms control and nonproliferation, nuclear power and the health effects of radiation, and climate change and energy supply.

Dr. Fetter is the treasurer of the Arms Control Association. He serves on the National Academy of Sciencesí Committee on International Security and Arms Control, the Executive Committee of the American Physical Societyís Forum on Physics and Society, the Department of Energyís Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee, the board of directors of the Sustainable Energy Institute, the board of the Arms Control Association , the board of governors of the Pardee Rand Graduate School, the advisory board of Human Rights Watch's Arms Division, the University of Chicago's Advisory Committee on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and the Board of Editors of Science and Global Security. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society, recipient of their Joseph A. Burton Forum Award and a member of its Panel on Public Affairs.

In 1993-94, Fetter was special assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, for which he received an award for outstanding public service. He has been a Council on Foreign Relations international affairs fellow at the State Department and a visiting fellow at Stanfordís Center for International Security and Arms Control, Harvardís Center for Science and International Affairs, MITís Plasma Fusion Center, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He received a Ph.D. in energy and resources from the University of California, Berkeley, and a S.B. in physics from MIT.

His articles have appeared in Science, Nature, Scientific American, International Security, Science and Global Security, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and Arms Control Today. He has contributed chapters to more than a dozen edited volumes, is author of Toward a Comprehensive Test Ban, and co-author of The Future of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy and The Nuclear Turning Point.

Steve Fetter

...Board of Directors Mainpage

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